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New Arrivals

Discount Wholesale Hapéh

Sizable savings for sizable orders. Wholesale discount Hapéh.

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*NEW* Titan Tepis

All hail Planet Kambo’s newest Hapéh Hercules & Goliath of Titan Tepis.

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*NEW* Hapéh Self Applicator Kuripe Pipes + Tin

Limited edition laser ingraved wooden self application Kuripes & tins

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The Kambo Connection

Planet Kambo, based in United Kingdom, proudly shipping top quality ceremonial grade supplies from the heart of the amazon jungle. Lovingly hand picked and delivered straight to your door.

Titan Tepis

Behold the apex of mapacho magic & the silverback of tribal tobacco tradition.

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Best Sellers

Kambo Kits

This chock-a-block home healing swiss army knife is the complete cost effective Kambo convenience kit.


Kambo Supplies

Lock, stock & bucket. From Kambo sticks to ceremony supplies.


Dragon's Blood

Mother nature's wound healing accelerator, Dragon’s Blood.


Sananga Sale Sets

Sananga Awaken + Lucid, the elevating & eye watering dream team